People over 55 dream in black and white?

April 3, 2009

I just read this story that shows that people over the age of 55 who grew up with black-and-white media dream in black and white at least three times more often than people over 55 who had access to color tv and film, and roughly six times more than people under the age of 25.

Here’s the interesting quotes from the story:

Only 4.4 per cent of the under-25s’ dreams were black and white. The over-55s who had had access to colour TV and film during their childhood also reported a very low proportion of just 7.3 per cent.

But the over-55s who had only had access to black-and-white media reported dreaming in black and white roughly a quarter of the time.

As a friend of mine would say, “Isn’t that cool?”

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