Dream of a girl like Alison

April 10, 2009

I gained awareness/consciousness during a dream this morning, and found myself in my home away from home, a first-floor apartment/condo somewhere near some the water, like a beach. At the time I gained consciousness I was thinking about throwing a type of baseball pitch, a knuckleball, and I was apparently trying to find a place where I could throw it inside.

I had just settled on throwing it against a couch, like I’ve done before in this physical world, when two dogs came running into the room. Apparently this has happened in this home, because I knew right away that they belonged to my neighbor. So I opened my front door to let the dogs out, and there was my neighbor.

But this time she wasn’t who I expected. This girl was in her mid-to-late twenties, and looked a lot like a former co-worker of mine named Alison. Alison looked like a model — tall and thin, with a great figure — and indeed, she had been a model. But for me, the distinctive thing about her was her hair, which was a light brown, and very curly/frizzy, and this girl in my dream was very similar to her.

I assumed the dogs were hers, and quickly forgot about her and the dogs. After that there was something about a baby in a basket, and the baby was at least partially covered up. Some things in the basket started to move, and I uncovered the baby. The baby was okay, but may have been bruised or cut slightly in the face.

After this, I thought that since I was conscious I would get a look at the rest of the building. In my dreams I’ve always been confined to my apartment, but this time I was able to walk around the rest of the building freely.

I eventually met the man who owned the building, and he talked to me like I’d known him forever. Several people were moving things out of one apartment, like a moving company, and when I asked him what was going on, he said that since the other man — someone I knew (now that he mentioned it) — had died, and his son was going to move in.

Follow-up to the dream

And now my favorite part, the followup to the dream: Back here in the physical world, I got up and went to work, stopping at Starbucks #2 on the way in. There are two Starbucks on the drive into work, and as I’ve gotten tired of seeing the same faces at Starbucks #1, I stop at #2 from time to time. When I walked in, the girl that waited on me was new, and, drumroll … she was a dead ringer for Alison. If you squinted your eyes you would swear she was Alison.

Like many other things that have happened over the years this may be a coincidence, but it was a fun coincidence. I didn’t ask this girl about any dogs or a baby, but if I see her again I will find a way to casually mention something, and then report back here.

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