Unexpected but welcome vibrations

April 13, 2009

An unexpected yet welcome surprise last night. I was mentally tired after working at least the last seven days in a row, including a long day Saturday, so last night around 9:30pm I put on my headphones, sat in the recliner, and listened to some Monroe recordings, but mostly falling asleep.

I got up around 11pm, did the nightly routine and was in bed by 11:30pm, when I knew I felt reasonably refreshed and that the vibrations might happen. They indeed did come within the first 10-15 minutes or so, but after that I tried to rush things too much. It was a great experience though, and a pleasant surprise.

Other notes: I had some dreams also start before I fell asleep, which hadn’t happened in a while. Before the vibrations kicked in I also heard one of those third-party broadcasts; it’s like you’re listening to the radio or something. You hear a stream of thoughts in someone else’s voice, and you have absolutely no control over it. I was lazy last night and didn’t record what was said, but I remember it had to do with some form of medicine, more specifically something about combining two forms of medicine.

In on other note, I have been listening to Monroe recordings as much as possible lately, but even then, it probably only averages out to once a day, at most. I’ve also been trying to keep my brain free and clear with a lot of Zen thoughts. Finally, I’ve been following the Monroe five-step program when listening to recordings, including my own additions, like these:

There’s nothing to do,
there’s nowhere to be,
I don’t need anyone else,
and no one needs me.

That one intentionally rhymes, whereas this following one does not, but really helps my brain calm down:

Everyone deserves some time off every day.
So, everyone and everything in the energy conversion box,
and I’ll be glad to deal with you tomorrow morning.
But right now this is my time for myself.

All in all, a most entertaining night.

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