A margarita, and a heightened mental state

May 6, 2009

There I am, drinking a margarita last night (celebrating Cinco de Mayo), and minding my own business, when a certain form of meditation (a certain mental state) spontaneously kicks in, and all I can think is "Oh no, not here." It's a very focused mental state, where my concentration is incredibly focused, much to the exclusion of the outer, physical world.

It's hard to describe this state, other than to say you could have been sitting there talking to me, and I wouldn't have heard you. It's a lot like when I'm able to stay conscious while my body falls asleep, and the senses gradually fall away. It's not an OBE, but it is a state that has previously led to OBE's.

They're going to have to lock me up if this starts happening in public spontaneously.


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