A brothel in the middle of nowhere

May 15, 2009

I just wanted to note a dream this morning because it was new, and funny. Somehow I ended up in the middle of nowhere — let’s say Kansas or Iowa — and on the side of the road there’s a large brothel built in front of a cemetary. The whole place is empty or deserted, and I’m walking around. I go to the entrance, and it’s more like a restaurant than a brothel, with wooden signs hanging from overhead, showing the kinds of food they have. If I was a little more awake in the dream I would have tried to remember the names and prices, but I didn’t.

The place still seemed empty, so I walked out of there and headed back to the street, where I did see two women, but I kept on going. I ended up in a familiar area that I can’t quite describe. It’s almost like part of a college campus, but I’m on the fringe of the campus, and right next to a popular street, a two-lane or possibly a four-lane street.

I’m in a small parking lot, getting ready to walk into the campus, and there are two women on the roof of a one-story building next to me. These women aren’t normally here, and as I try to figure out what they’re doing, it turns out that they’re here to surprise someone else, a man that I know. This man normally rides into this parking lot in a small, white vehicle with a large front windshield. It’s also a vehicle that you stand up in, and sure enough, just as I’m about to head into the campus, I see him pull into the parking lot.

The two women on the roof are dressed in large, olde-time dresses, and they’re supposed to be prostitutes from that time, but they’re really there just to have fun. Maybe it’s his birthday?

Unfortunately I wake up before I find out, but it has been a funny dream.

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