Siberian huskies with fur like pandas

May 15, 2009

Earlier this morning I had a dream involving a lot of dogs. As often happens, I first see the dogs outside the home I grew up in. Apparently there’s something about coming out the door of that home that always scared me, maybe because the visibility was bad … I don’t really know, but it is a recurring theme.

These dogs were not dangerous however, and in fact, were very beautiful. If you can imagine a gorgeous mix between a black-and-white panda and a dog like a Siberian Husky, that’s what these dogs were. Their fur was perfectly black and white, thick, and clean, and they were built like huskies.

I don’t remember too much else from this part of the dream, but the beautiful nature of these animals is what really stands out in my mind right now, maybe 2-3 hours after the dream.

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