Kicking a door out of the way in an OBE

June 11, 2009

Last night we had some good thunderstorms and high winds, so I moved to my second bathroom, which is on an interior wall (and which I also don't normally use). I threw my bean bag chair in there along with some towels and extra pillows, closed the door a little bit, and just tried to sleep on the floor.

Around 4am I started having an OBE, and as the second (astral) body started drifting out of the bathroom, I realized I was going to have to go through the door. Rather than do that, I knew where my physical foot was, so (somehow) I was able to instinctively kick the door open with my foot so I wouldn't have to go through it. How I actually did that, I have no idea. It was just an instinctive "kick" thought, and it worked.

My body quickly drifted through the apartment, and was headed for the front door, when that dreaded feeling of passing through a door got into my brain. As I started going through the door I woke up back here in the physical world. Argh, I just don't like that feeling.

Excuse me, where is this bus going?

Besides that feeling, there is one other thing I want to note here: Where exactly is my second body going? It's not my idea to drift out the front door. As far as I'm concerned, I'd be perfectly fine just hanging out here in the apartment, poking around, making sure I can see everything. But no, it's like the second body is on auto-pilot, and it's being called (pulled?) somewhere.

I've stayed awake for some of these long rides before, having my second body being rapidly pulled across ... well, wherever it's being pulled across ... only to end up in a variety of different places. I guess I need to just go along for these rides and see where they go, and quit fighting it. (And I need to get through this problem I now have about passing through walls and doors.)

Which leads me to one other question: Why am I always drawn out through the front door? Admittedly, last night that may have been the shortest path to get outside the apartment, but in other OBE's I've also been drawn out through the front door, and that requires several turns to get out of the bedroom, through the living room, and down the short hallway to go out the front door. Why not just be drawn out through the exterior bedroom wall?


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