Problems with ceilings, doors, and walls

June 12, 2009

During my last several OBE's I've had a real problem with ceilings, doors, and walls, with the problem being that I don't like passing through them. I know this is just something I need to get over, but it is surprisingly hard. It's a lot like Adrian Monk having to touch someone else; I just don't like going through these things. Each time I start to go through one I cringe a little bit mentally because it's kind of a sticky feeling, or at least I've made it a sticky feeling in my mind.

Moving through open spaces is very easy, and I also haven't had a problem with "wires" in a long time, but these other things are a bit of a problem.

ATM part of me is thinking that it's because my energy level is too low. The reason I say that is that I used to poke me head through a wall to see what was on the other side, no problem, but now it's like I'm drifting to the door or the ceiling more slowly, and this slower speed gives me too much time to think about things. I'm guessing this slower speed is due to a lower energy level, but that's just a guess.

A possible lesson from Bill Parcells?

I've been reading a coaching book by Bill Parcells lately, and in it he mentions his team getting absolutely creamed by the Bears one year. (They lost 21-0. Being a Chicago native, I remember it well.) After the game he's feeling very low, and for the first time as a coach he has no idea what to do next, when his lifelong friend just puts it to him bluntly: "You're the coach, you have to find a way to beat those guys."

That's where I am with this whole wall/door/ceiling thing. I have to find a way to get past this.

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