Lucid dream: Flying in Yucca, Arizona, September, 1992

June 19, 2009

Lucid dream last night: I gained consciousness in a dream, and I'm thinking I might be at the Hilton in Texas, where I worked while in college. I'm drifting around, exploring.

On the way out, I know I'm not at the Hilton, but I am in a nice facility. Two times I am stopped by a woman, and she keeps asking about some sort of drink, a "mango" drink, I think. After the second encounter I know I can have lucid dream sex with this woman, but I decide I'd rather get out of the hotel and fly. (This sounds like a joke on the Bob & Tom radio show, "The man who would rather fly than have sex.")

I get out the front of the hotel, and float around the local area. The views of the buildings are breathtaking. They are fairly large, light, made of something like stucco (I can't think of the right name of the material, but it's a common material in the southwest, like a plaster or concrete; you see it on the tv show Medium all the time), with some metal trim, and I love the architecture. I wish I could control my physical body back in bed so I could call my wife and ask if any of these buildings are familiar to her. I still want this to be the Hilton, but it isn't. I've seen these buildings in several previous dreams, but I don't know what or where they are.

Next, I drift away from the buildings, working my way up a hill. There are many people relaxing along this hill, perhaps sunbathing. I can't get much altitude, so I'm very close to them, but I'm not sure if anyone sees me.

Flying along some other streets, it gets dark and cold, and as I lose a little control of the dream, I think I need to find cover for the evening. I'm also very aware that I'm not in College Station. Flying along some trees for a long time, I'm thinking I'm in a bad area of town.

Eventually I come to a building, and there is a name etched in the side of the building, something like "Los Mecinos", but that's just a guess, I can't remember it now. From the building I drift down to the sidewalk, and it's light again, and I land just in front of three college-age girls. They are all caucasian, blond, very tan, and wearing very light clothes, like shorts and light shirts.

The girl on my right is afraid of me, and says, "Come on, let's go", but the girl in the middle is not afraid, and the girl on the left seems to have no opinion. I am fully conscious again, so I ask the girl in the middle where I am, and she says, "Yucca, Arizona." Next, I ask what the date is, and looking at me a little oddly, she says it is September 17, 1992. She asks what I think the date is, and I tell her that for me it's 2009. One of them asks me a confusing question, "Are you old enough?", and as I struggle to think of what that question means, and as I realize they're about to ask me things about life in 2009, I gently wake up in bed.

Notes (auto-suggestion and weirdness)

I stopped in at P to visit D before she heads off on her retirement. One part of the conversation during my three hours is about F and her retirement, which was either on September 17 or 19, 2001. (I've never met F, but I remember them saying the date was the 17th or 19th.) I have a hard time thinking that "September 17th" in my lucid dream is a coincidence.

To the best of my knowledge I have never been to Yucca, Arizona. Looking at Google Maps, I think the closest I have ever been is Flagstaff. Whoa, wait ... okay, this is bizarre. While at P today, talking to M about his relatives that live in Anchorage, Alaska, he mentions that they live near a lake in Anchorage. Talking to him, I struggle to think of the name of the lake in Anchorage, and the only name that comes to mind is "Lake Mead". I know that's not right, but it's all I can think of. Just now, looking at Google Maps, I see that Lake Mead is directly north of Yucca. Again, to the best of my knowledge, I have never been to Lake Mead, and I had no idea where Yucca or Lake Mead are located.

(The name of the lake I was trying to think of in Anchorage is Lake Hood.)

This dream occurred just before 9:45pm. Not feeling well, I laid down (on my right side) around 8pm, and woke up from this dream at 9:45.

An analogy about flying low

Here's an analogy about not being able to get altitude while flying: You're in a hot air balloon, and there's a small breeze, and in this case the breeze is blowing me up the hill. The only problem is there's too much weight, so the basket of the balloon is very low off the ground, and adding more hot air just won't get the basket any higher. I'm not actually in a basket, but that's what the feeling of not being able to fly higher feels like.

Question and answers

From a research standpoint, I need to be prepared to ask more questions during events like this. Date and location are great, but I need to ask about local news or events, something I would have no way of knowing about. Also, I need to avoid answering questions about my date, as either that, or my trying to make sense of the girl's question seemed to wake me up.

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