Judgment day

June 27, 2009

Wow, that was different, and somewhat cathartic. This morning was "Judgment Day", two back-to-back dreams where my life and thoughts were completely exposed to the world. But unlike this blog, which is just me writing -- and filtering -- people got to see videos of some of my worst thoughts and behaviors, and I couldn't stop it.

In the first dream, it seemed like I was on another planet, but who I am inside was being completely exposed, and I fought very hard against it, finally escaping my confinement.

In the second dream there was no mistaking it, it was a religious form of "Okay, we tried to be nice in that first dream, but now you're really locked down, and we're now going to expose every private and public thought you've ever had to a jury of your peers". I fought this one even harder, never getting away, but eventually waking up.

These weren't lucid dreams, but the thinking part of my brain was very active. Specifically, my thinking brain ("ego") takes full "credit" for the rebellion -- I didn't want any part of either dream.

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