Coming back from a deep relaxation

July 4, 2009

I just came back out of one of those nice meditative experiences where I relax very, very deeply, and when I come out of it, it's just a joy to do something simple, like move a finger, and be amazed that I can move a finger.

Yoga helps me get into these states, both with all the stretching and focus during yoga, as well as the deep relaxation of the corpse pose at the end of a yoga session.

That's more or less what I did today, laying in a modified corpse pose (I elevate my legs because of problems I have with them), and then mentally walking through each body part, focusing my awareness on each part, and relaxing each everything deeply and thoroughly, including my brain itself.

Beyond the great feeling of relaxation, there's quite an energy buzz now, which is another terrific side benefit of the process. I think the energy comes from the relaxation, and total lack of stress and wasteful brain activity.

Ahhh, how nice ...

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