Looking at life on Earth from the "Spirit Perspective"

July 10, 2009

This has been an important year for me. It began very well with a Yoga trip to Mexico in early February. It was during and after that trip that my mind seemed to change a little bit, in particular, my perspective.

Reversing my perspective

Instead of looking at myself as "Al, the human being who lives here on Earth and has occasional OBE's", I began to look at myself as "A spirit who just happens to live in the body of a human being named 'Al' on Earth at this place and time."

I hope that description helps get the point across, because, well, it's the best description I have today. :)

Except for a few bad days here and there, this difference in perspective usually makes a tremendous difference in my attitude. I think of myself as a visitor here on Earth, essentially "poking" my consciousness into this realm of human existence for as many days as I get to spend here on Earth.

Imagine poking your own head into some other world, and looking left, right, up, and down, in wonder at everything you see around you. It's a little like when you go somewhere and you see a large fish aquarium, and you look around and say things like "wow" and "cool". That's what it's like for me here on Earth these days. These days I use those words a lot (and "love" too), and I laugh as much as ever.


I also take some consolation that when "we" die, it's really a very different experience than most humans think.

Yes, the physical body is dead, but to the best of my knowledge, the spirit continues to exist. My own "spirit" (consciousness, soul, astral body, energy body) seems to fly off willy-nilly most nights when I go to sleep, and I believe this is all that happens when "we" die. Whatever the tie is that connects our spirit to this physical body becomes severed, and our spirit is then free to go ... somewhere. Admittedly I don't know where the spirit goes, but I don't worry about that any more. At the very least, I'll found out soon enough, lol.

I don't know why we're given this opportunity to explore life as a human being here on Earth, but I think it's important to have fun, poke our heads around, and experience it deeply.

A visitor

In short, I urge you to consider your life here on Earth as that of a visitor, a spirit visitor from "somewhere else." Enjoy your life, enjoy the coolness of life, and be an explorer. Don't get caught up in the trappings of fame, wealth, and trying to keep up with other people. I don't think those things are very important. Myself, I do like to have a little money for traveling, but that's about it.

Just imagine if you could suddenly leap into the body of some other being on some other planet, and then you had a period of time to explore their life. What would you want to do with your time in their body, on their planet? My guess is that you'd want to look around, and experience everything you could in the time permitted.

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