Funny dream, ocean dream, old man dying dream

August 17, 2009

Dream 1 - Funny dream in a car

4:37am ... just had a funny dream ... I'm out in a city street, getting things out of the trunk of a car. I'm supposed to go to a former client's office and do some work late at night. There's water in the trunk, and there are a couple of bare electric wires in the water. Then a phone starts ringing in the trunk, and I think, "Well, I'm not touching anything in there", but after a few moments (and more ringing) I decide it's safe.

I don't remember who was on the phone, but next thing I know, I see an old friend who used to work for this client, and he's walking with two other people. My youngest sister shows up, gets in the driver's side of the car, and my friend gets in the passenger seat, and somehow I can talk to them from behind the car.

Next thing you know, they're driving off in the car, and I'm now in the backseat. As we turn right around a corner, a car comes by, and I say, "Oh, it looks like my old Ford Maverick." It's not a Maverick, but it's very close.

I must have been moving things from one car to another, because just as we make another right turn, I mention that we left so fast I didn't get a chance to lock up the other car. Next thing I know, my dad is now driving the car, and he makes something like a u-turn, so he now wants to turn left down a side street to get back to where we were. To do this, we're sitting halfway off the road on the left side, either on the shoulder of the road, or on a sidewalk, and we're waiting for another car to come down that road and get out of our way.

As we're waiting, my dad asks if I can speak Spanish. I say yes, but only a little, and we exchange a few short lines in Spanish. At this point I wake up.

Dream 2 - People running in an ocean city

I don't know the time of this dream, but it's not funny. I'm in an area near the ocean, and everyone begins running. Trying to figure out what's going on, I realize everyone is running away from the ocean. I assume there's a storm or tidal wave, but I don't know. I very quickly wake up.

Dream 3 - An old man dying

I don't want to talk about this third dream very much, as it was very disturbing, and even left a bad taste in my mouth (literally), but it had to do with an old man dying in something like a hotel room. There were several of us there with him, and it was pretty gross, to put it mildly. Not a great way to wake up in the morning, but it was my last dream as I woke up today.


I finished the first part of my "big project" this weekend, so I started paying more attention to my dreams two nights ago. Saturday night there was another round of recurring dreams, and last night going into this morning, there were these dreams.

Note that I didn't go to sleep until around 12:30am. Quite often it seems like my first four hours of sleep at night are just plain sleep, or sleep where I can't remember my dreams, and then the rest of the night I can recall my dreams at will.

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