"Hello, is anyone in there?"

August 24, 2009

Just as I was falling asleep late last night, I heard a man knocking on doors outside, and saying "Hello?", as in, "Hello, is there anyone in there, because if not, I'd like to rob you?"

I was actually asleep, but I was in that borderline where I can't tell the difference between being asleep and being awake, or in a case like this, I can't tell if the sounds are being generated inside my brain our outside. And sometimes when I'm in this state -- like last night -- there can be a feeling of panic. In this case I took the man's knocks as a threat, that he was checking to see which apartment he could rob. (It was really a little more than that, I actually "sensed" he was a threat.) So I forced myself to wake up, then sat in bad listening to make sure someone wasn't really knocking on the doors. After a while I was sure it wasn't real, or that he was gone, and I let myself go back to sleep again.

I look forward to moving into a house some time in the next year or two, but with dreams like this, yikes, some nights are going to be pretty weird/scary.

All of this occurred around midnight last night. I took a 90-minute nap yesterday afternoon after a hard workout, so I was well-rested last night, and it took a long time to fall asleep.

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