Dream of a new Guns 'N Roses song

August 25, 2009

I woke up from a dream at 2:48am where I heard a new Guns N' Roses (GnR) song.

I was on a computer somewhere, listening to a Stevie Nicks tune, and when I pressed an image for another song of hers, this new GnR song with Axl Rose singing started playing. I knew this was a dream, so I listened to it for a little while, and tried to remember the intro music, which was terrific. But then when I became concerned that I couldn't remember all the lyrics, I woke up.

I was able to hum the tune into a recording device I keep by the bed, and as I type this in the morning, that tune still sounds really good. It was just someone playing a bass guitar (I think that's what it was), and possibly a drummer doing that thing where they hit their sticks on the metal to make a knocking sound at the right times.

The lyrics I can remember are something like this:

The doctor gave her what was ordered,
something real,
but something wrong.

That may not sound too good without knowing the pace and background music, but again, as I type this here this morning, it sounds good to me.


Long before this dream, around 10:45pm, I was laying in bed, not falling asleep right away, so I decided to meditate a little bit to try to relax. I have a hard time following my breath when I'm laying down, so I experimented with trying to feel the blood rush through my body.

I started with the heart, and then the left arm, and both of those are very easy. Then I moved to the left leg, the groin, then the right leg, and eventually working my way around my body, moving my awareness from location to location until I could feel the blood flowing in my head.

By this time I was very relaxed, and eventually fell asleep.

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