Semi-lucid PK dream in old house

August 25, 2009

4:11am. Just finished a long, long dream where I thought I was awake. Not a multi-layered dream where I wake up from one dream into another, just one that had me convinced it was real.

I started off in the house where I grew up, and I'm in my room, and my brother-in-law Kenny is there with me. I should have known it was a dream then, because he's never been there, but I'm out of practice, and wasn't conscious enough to figure it out.

We're looking at the ceiling in the bedroom, and there's a problem with dampness/moisture, and the ceiling needs to be replaced. (We had a similar problem when I lived there, but not to this extent.)

After that, Kenny is gone, and I transition to doing some PK things, mostly opening and closing the bedroom door with my mind. Somehow my ability to do these PK things is related to that GnR song from the earlier dream, and if I keep humming that tune, it somehow builds up my PK energy, and I can do this.

But any time I think I can do PK, it occurs to me that I'm dreaming. So as usual, I look at my hands -- but they're fine, no problems! More than that, I can touch things, and feel things, and it's all very real.

I step out into the hallway a half-step, and see if I can move a light switch on the wall with my mind, but it won't work. Then I think that Kim and my mom are in the other room, so I hum the tune to that song, and I reach out with my mind, and I'm able to feel their light switch, like I can stretch my arm out long enough, reach around the corner, and touch it with my fingers. The sensation is perfect, I can feel the switch with my fingers, but I know I'm using my mind, and not my real hand.

I turn their light on and off, and then I become somewhat giddy, because I know that I'm awake, and I'm doing this with my mind -- I can do PK while I'm awake(!). I step out into the hallway, and start doing some more things like this, and we're all pretty happy about it, celebrating a little.

Then a guy that I used to work with named Don was there, in a third bedroom between the other two. Don got up out of his chair, and gave me a big hug (which would be really weird in real life), and then he somehow went away. (I don't know how, I just remember that he was there, we did this, and then he went away.)

A little while later Kim and I are downstairs. At first I'm using my PK abilities to move some coins around, but then I realize I need to "get ready", so I'm digging through a bag where I have some clothes packed, and I tell Kim that I don't have anything formal, like I suddenly remembered this was a family gathering for a holiday. Then her dad calls, and said grandfather has had another heart attack.

We talk about this for a while, and then Kim is going to the shower, it's a large bathroom ... nothing like what we had in the house I grew up in ... she picks up a book, by someone like Alison Street (or possibly Alison Chambers, that's how bad my memory is about details), and says something to me like, "I'll bet you thought I was going to say Alice in Chains (or possibly Alison Chambers here)."

Then I really wake up in my bed here, and it's such a huge disappointment. Between the physical sensations and seeing my hands appear normal, I really faked myself out.

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