Three hours of lucid dreams

September 2, 2009

Very cool, three hours of lucid dreams this afternoon. I decided to take the day off today, and went to the zoo in the morning, had some donuts for breakfast and a burger for lunch. When I came home in the early afternoon I felt very tired, so I decided "Hey, it's my day off", so I laid down, and bam, the lucid dreams started immediately.

I'll skip the detail of the dreams, other than to say at several points I thought I'd trying coming over to the computer here to write a post while I was sleeping, but I ran into two problems. First, the dreams were layered as usual, so I'd go from one lucid dream where I was clearly dreaming to another dream where I thought I might be awake, until I realized I wasn't. 

The second problem happened when I pushed a little harder and actually opened my eyes. First, this hurts my eyes. It seems to really strain the eye muscles. Second, when I did try to move, I felt extremely dizzy, like I couldn't even come close to walking straight.

That being said, I will try this again when the opportunity presents itself. I don't know I think it would be cool, but I'd at least like to be able to write myself a note while I was truly sleeping. And to be able to do this on command would be extremely cool.

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