Christine, Seth, two numbers, and something about the universe

October 17, 2009

Just a few quick notes from dreams this morning. In the first dream a girl from high school named Christine was living in the attic of a familiar house. I can't put it all together, but I know that attic well, though I think it's only from previous dreams.

In the second dream, which ocurred around 5am, I made these notes:

Other than the part about my brother-in-law I thought I was able to stay detached and just record events as they happened. From the few dream events I've had that seem to correlate with anything in the waking world, it seems to be important to just report what you see, and don't try to add anything to it. (I've mentioned this here before, so I won't belabor it here.)

As I wrote these notes this morning I remembered why I first started working on being able to move during my sleep. I wanted to be able to make much better notes of my dreams. I was thinking that if I can speak out loud (physically) during my dreams, I could make notes as the dreams were happening, essentially dictating them, and not losing so many details.

However, it's not that important, just something to do while I'm sleeping. :)

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