Consciousness endures

October 19, 2009

Ah, a nice morning of pleasant dreams, a terrific way to start any day. I was glad I could reach over, turn off the alarm clock, and go back to sleep until the dreams were over. I may not be incredibly wealthy, but many times I do think I am a fortunate person.

That being said ... the real reason for writing today's post is this quote from Iyengar's book, "Light on Life":

"What mind is and does dies with us. But consciousness is that aspect of mind, the envelope of continual awareness, which endures ..."

I won't go into my whole diatribe this morning, but it's very clear to me that up to some point the Zen and Yoga people are talking about the same thing. At a certain point I think they diverge, but in regards to the quote above, I think they are saying the same thing.

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