A dream sequence, starting with a vacation

October 23, 2009

A long series of very real dreams this morning, with several recurring components, as usual.

In the beginning of the dream I am in a bedroom somewhere, and it seems like a vacation that I'm on with other people. ("Vacation" might not be the right word, but a "trip" taken with other people.) I'm laying in bed, in the morning, and a man and a woman in the same room start making out, and I know they will soon be having sex here. (I knew the people, we had just been on this trip together, I just can't remember who they are now that I'm awake.)

I'm getting ready to excuse myself and leave them to their love-making when a woman knocks on the door. I open the door, and I have the impression she is a familiar maid or assistant, and she tells us we either have to leave at 8:20, or we have an 8:20 flight. I don't remember, but I do remember thinking we don't have any time, but I just want a fast shower before we leave. I quickly head to the shower, and along the way I see some familiar people sitting around a large dining table, and say good morning or hello to them before going into the bathroom.

The shower is very familiar, I've been here at least once before. It's a large, open shower with one nozzle in front, other nozzle in back; brownish flooring, soap bottles on a shelf behind me. I remember starting the shower, but don't remember finishing it, or anything else immediately after that at this location.

Two coin-related dream segments

Next, there's something about a store, I may or may not have walked out of the store without paying for a bag of candy, though I did pay for something else. Walking out of the store, I see loose change on the floor, to my left, underneath some sort of table. I pick it up, it's about 40 cents, and there's something very unusual about one of the coins, though I can't remember what now.

(I feel like I should say "fade to black" here so we can start the next scene.)

Soon I'm riding a four-wheeler, and I'm on what I perceive to be an island with my Greek relatives. I can't figure out how to stop the four-wheeler until A tells me how to. Just after that I find a large, thick coin, like a thick quarter. The ground here is all dirt, and I've found this coin on a dirt step, as if you were stepping down from where I was to another level. I think the coin was hidden, perhaps by a rock that is now displaced, and I show it to A. He reacts like it was supposed to be hidden, and I've found it, and he's mildly upset. He takes it.

Amnesia - I don't know how I got home

Next, I'm "back home", and talking to my mom and aunt about the trip. I tell them I don't remember how I got home. I remember the shower, and everything after that regarding the trip is complete amnesia. My aunt takes pleasure in telling me how some cheese made me sick. (Her story sounds very familiar -- recurring, but I can't remember the details for sure.) Mom tells me my youngest sister's oldest daughter (my niece, A) got sick on the plane. They tell me other things I can't remember. I feel very scared at this time to not be able to remember a thing about how I got "home". (I keep putting the word home in quotes because really, I have no idea where we were, other than I felt like I didn't have to travel any more. I did feel like I was sitting on some wide stairs, and my aunt was standing in front of me, on flat ground, slightly below my level.)

Aunt handing out envelopes

Then my aunt is passing out envelopes to my mom and me; they are white envelopes with extra decorations added to the left and right, pasted on perhaps. The left side says something like "home"; I don't remember the right side, but it may have said "trip"; there is also a social security number sticker on the envelope, with numbers on it I don't remember. After giving each of us and envelope I see that she has more envelopes for other people, but I don't know who they are for, but I assume they are for immediate family members.

The recurring parts of this dream were the shower, a vague feeling of being on the island with the Greek relatives before, having amnesia about how I got home, and the story about the cheese making me sick. Everything else is new.


Dad also made a special guest appearance, I just can't remember when/where. I just remember thinking, "Oh, dad, yes, you were expected today because of your birthday."

On mornings like this I'm struck at how vivid the dreams are, and how absorbed I become in them. At some moments I can step back and see them as dreams and I'm an observer, but most of the time I'm in the middle of the play, unaware that it's all a dream, and I can just step back and observe it if desired.

That brings me to the point of "dissipating energy". It's become very clear to me over the years that there are certain things I do, such as drinking alcohol, that make it hard/impossible for me to have lucid dreams. I did have a drink last night as I listened to a Mystery Theater episode.

The Mystery Theater episode I listened to was about a man who escaped from prison after being wrongfully charged for murder. He became a successful businessman, only to have an ex-con extort him, threatening to reveal his secret. In the end his fiance and the ex-con are both killed, he is wrongfully blamed for killing his fiance, and is sent back to prison, though he asks if he can just be put to death himself.

Finally, the loud neighborhood I live in caused some problems in dreamland this morning, and is a part of why I can't remember certain things. I can't wait to leave here. That retreat I took a few weeks ago reminded me of just how loud it really is here. Wherever I end up next, I want to be in a quiet house (specifically not in another apartment) in a quiet neighborhood.

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