Can't turn on the lights in a dream

October 27, 2009

I wasn't feeling well last night, and went to be early. (I thought I was getting a cold or flu, but it was really more just a feeling of being very tired and unable to wake up.) Somewhere around 9 or 10pm I had a semi-lucid dream where something happened that hasn't happened in a while.

As I thought I was laying in bed, I heard some noise from outside, or perhaps the other room. It sounded a little bit like a revival, but it wasn't a religious thing, it was more of a motivational speaker thing. When I got out of bed I realized the sound wasn't outside, but it was something that was playing on a radio in the bathroom.

As I went to the bathroom to turn off the radio, I tried to turn on the bathroom lights -- and they wouldn't come on. This is the "recurring" part of the dream. I've probably had at least 20 of these dreams in my life -- probably many more than that -- where I can't get lights to come on.

Usually it's fairly scary, but last night it wasn't a big deal. I turned off the radio, and as I did, someone else came in the bathroom. It was a woman, but she didn't see me. It's like we were two ghosts passing each other, or maybe she was a human and I was the ghost she couldn't see. I tried to communicate with her, but she couldn't see or hear me. She was talking to someone else in the house/apartment, so I left, or really, woke up.

I don't remember the exact order of things, but I felt the usual vibrations some time during the night, either before this incident or just after it. The rest of the night was uneventful from an OBE perspective; just a lot of dreams.

I've gone several nights now without the usual energy-wasters, and I have also been practicing a little yoga every day. If I keep this up, it usually takes about a week before the lucid dreams and OBE events kick in, so I'm expecting a little fun the next few nights. It kind of fits with the whole Halloween theme. :)

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