A short OOBE before Halloween

October 30, 2009

It's been a rough week, with one of my dogs (Zeus) having a bout of "acute pancreatitis" this week. On Monday morning he didn't look like he was going to make it through the day, but with a lot of TLC and vet care he was eating again today. (And I'm very glad to see him be "himself" again!)

The reason for mentioning that is b/c last night I had my first OBE/OOBE in a while. It has generally gotten pretty easy for me to have OOBEs as long as I'm "good", and don't partake in all the things that drain my energy ... but b/c I don't often avoid those things (alcohol, caffeine, stress, and a few others), I haven't had many OOBEs this year.

Last night was also easy b/c of the exhaustion from the week. I felt miserable in the afternoon (this was the "IV bag" day), so I laid down for a while, got up, laid down again, and then had the OOBE very quickly, w/o giving it any thought or effort. The vibrations came, then I had to do a Bob Monroe "log roll" to get out of the body. Once out, I looked back at my body on the floor. (I typically sleep on something like a futon on the floor.) At first it was laying flat on its back, then it rolled over to the left side.

After watching this I got excited and just made a run for the window and dove out. Once outside the window all the scenery was wrong, but I've gotten used to that. (I can't explain it, but I'm used to it.) I floated above some children who were walking, and wondered if they could see me. Then I saw some other kids floating in the sky, and I went by them.

I did a few other things, but the trip was cut short. While I was "out" I knew that I had to go back and the trip was about to end, but I didn't know why. Once back in the body I realized I (the body) had to go to the bathroom.

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