Morning dreams including Marie and Juanita

November 8, 2009

A couple of quick notes from a dream sequence that occurred after 6am this morning:

I was in a large building, like part of a factory/manufacturing facility, and as I spoke to a girl in one office, a woman I know named Marie came in from an adjacent office, and she knew about Achmed The Dead Terrorist, and we joked about it. Then there was smoke, coming from a blue sphere, and we went out into the building to see if we could get this problem fixed. There was much more activity here, but I don't remember it all, other than it focused on me trying to convince a man that the problem was real. He kept wanting to leave, but when I told him about the blue sphere, he had a look on his face that he suddenly knew what was going on, and he needed to take care of it.

From here I went out to the parking lot for some reason, worked my way around the side of the building to my car, even flying a little bit at the end to get to my car. At that point I ran into a woman who had just been fired for a spelling mistake, and several other women, including a woman I know named Juanita. They were upset that this woman was fired, and thought that maybe I should be fired for flying. Just then it started raining, I had my old convertible, so everyone got in, I showed a couple of them how to close the top on the convertible, including a man who was there briefly. Rain came and went quickly.

For the record, Marie is a woman (a former consulting client) I first met in 1994, and haven't seen in at least five years. Juanita is a friend of the family who I have probably seen five times in the last 15 years.

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