Recurring dream with a young brunette woman

November 9, 2009

I just drove 660 miles from the beach back to home, and after the long drive, I decided to take a nap. During that 90-minute siesta I remembered that I've been seeing a relatively young brunette (in her 20s) for the last several nights of dreams. I wrote "seeing" there instead of "dating" because I can't remember all the details of this dream relationship.

I write some of that jokingly, but really, paying attention to my dreams over the last few years, there has been a strong recurring theme about some dreams that I want to write about tonight: These dreams have a lifespan.

For instance, for a long time I dreamed of being somewhere I thought might have been Florida, and at the time I could have drawn you a map of where I was. I used to walk the streets, and there was a library in one direction, and a house in another direction. This house was a place where people gathered to do something like study Zen, and/or talk about spirituality.

At some point those dreams went away and were replaced by dreams where I lived in a condo that was right near a body of water. I've written about that here several times, and again, I could have drawn you a map of that condo.

Before either of these two dreams I lived in a one-story house that was rather long. I always approached the dining room in this house from one direction, but the house continued past the dining room in the other direction, and I always wanted to explore that other side.

There was another very large house with very large rooms (essentially a mansion) very little furniture, and a very large yard. I used to love running and flying through that house. There have been many more recurring dreams like this, and now there's this brunette that I've been seeing for the last week or so.

I don't want to make anything of these dreams, other than to report them here, and to say how cool I think they are. It's like there's a story going on, and once that story plays out, I move on to another sequence of dreams.

If all of these dreams come from my brain, and my brain needs to play out these stories, I wonder why? For instance, in any of these stories, why did my brain feel the need to play these stories, or in this case, why this brunette girl, and why now?

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