Fear strikes out

November 14, 2009

Lately there seems to be an epidemic in the United States. No, not the swine flu. This is an epidemic of fear.

A wife who fears hear husband. A wife and a mother who won't stand up for herself and her children against an oppressive husband/father (only to lead to children with "father figure" issues). A person who works in an office and hates his or her job, but stays there anyway, faithfully reporting to work on time every day to a job that if you did leave, six months from now, your supervisor will barely remember you anyway.

Why do people stay in failed relationships? Why do they stay in abusive relationships? And more than that, why do they complain about it to others, and then continue to stay in it? (At some point, if you're not going to do something about it, quit complaining about it.)

Fear is the only reason I can think of. Fear, and a lack of confidence ... an inferiority complex.

That's a shame. What a waste of time and life.

Have some faith in yourself, honor the gift of life you have been given, and move on.

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