PK, sex, and love

November 17, 2009

Quick notes: Last night I felt like this might be one of those OBE nights, but I feel like I messed that up by watching tv until nearly 11pm, and then immediately going to bed. (The feeling here is getting easier to describe. Some people might call it feeling "spacey", or ungrounded.)

I did have PK (psychokinesis) dreams that ran between approximately 5:30am and 7:30am. They started with the usual, me discovering that I can move coins or other small objects with my thoughts, and then extended to me moving anything I wanted. I moved some things behind a counter to help show a clerk what I wanted; I levitated a newspaper across a room so I could read it; and I moved several other objects as needed during a little action/adventure sequence.

The dreams ended with a brief sex scene with C, and then more of a romantic love sequence with a girl who reminded me of a woman I used to call Winnie Cooper, because she reminded me of the girl from the tv show The Wonder Years. We started off talking, then happened to be going in the same direction, and as she went down this staircase I flew next to her as we talked, and we were in the kitchen of a restaurant talking with her friends when a noise here woke me up.

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