Short OBE while house-sitting

November 27, 2009

I knew I would be house-sitting for a friend last night, so I took a nap in the afternoon, then went by their house around 8pm. I worked for a little while, then watched a movie (Insomnia) on the large-screen tv there until about midnight. I then went to sleep on a mattress I had moved and laid on the living room floor.

After several restless hours of trying to sleep, around 5am I had a short OBE. Totally not in my control, I slipped out of the physical body, floated around the couch, to the front of the house. I stopped in the foyer for some reason, and was then pulled backwards out the back of the house. Once out the back door, I heard crickets and all those nighttime sounds you'll hear in a heavily-forested area. I landed backwards somewhere in the back yard, and when I tried to swat some type of flying bug that was flying around me, I woke up.

One day I hope to find out if there's something/someone pulling me, or why I otherwise end up floating like this without any control. As I headed to the foyer I kept trying to ask where I was going, and if anyone else was there, but I got no response.

When I came back to the physical body I had one main question: How can you see in this second-body state? Last night I couldn't see anything, but I could easily sense where I was.

Another note: Most of my OBEs used to happen around 3am, but since I go to bed later these days, I'm guessing that's why they now happen later in the morning. The pattern is similar, about five hours after going to bed I have one or OBEs.

I'd love to have a nice video camera that I could set up at night to see if there's anything that can be seen on camera when I have an OBE. I don't know exactly what kind of equipment I'd need, but I always wonder if someone watching me could tell that I was having an OBE, whether they were looking with the naked eye, infrared camera, or some other form of camera.

More notes

A few additional notes: I didn't do anything to set this experience up; no yoga, meditation, or hemi-sync recordings. No alcohol. Sleep was very erratic before this event (similar to when I had a bout of sciatica in 2007), mostly because of concerns about the dogs. The OBE was followed by later lucid dreams of low-level flying. It's two nights later now, and there have been no additional OBEs.

I have to wonder, why don't I have OBEs at the apartment I currently live in? Is it because of all the noise here, or something else? I've always assumed it's the noise, especially because the last three times I've slept anywhere else I've had at least one OBE in the first 24 hours. (I write this as a moving truck idles outside.)

Note to others: If you can't seem to have an OBE where you are, and your living area is noisy, try going somewhere quiet for a few days.

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