An aborted OBE

December 5, 2009

Another night house-sitting for a friend, and another OBE, this time about 4am. I accidentally stopped this one short because I was trying to do something else, but here's how it went down:

I've actually been house-sitting for this friend every night this week, but until last night I had been so tired I knew nothing would happen. Then yesterday morning I got about 10 hours of sleep, so last night I went to bed refreshed (not exhausted), and had the OBE.

A couple of final notes:

There is a pretty consistent pattern emerging that my OBEs happen about five hours after bed time. I used to go to sleep around 10pm and have OBEs around 3am, so I thought there was something important about 3am. But really, I think it's this five hour offset thing.

I have also noticed that there is a 40-45 minute rhythm/cycle related to sleeping. For instance, have you ever laid down to take a "half hour" nap, but then woken up either 45 or 90 minutes later? This is how my body works. I can never take a 30-minute nap, unless of course something wakes me up. I suspect the people at TMI are aware of this, though they never mentioned it to us. But I think that's the way their Gateway Voyage course is set up: sleep/practice for 40 minutes; come downstairs and quietly chat for 40-45 minutes; then another 40-45 minute practice session.

The OBEs seem to happen regardless of the position I sleep in. The last time I was laying on my left side, this time I was laying on my back, and I can remember it happening many times on my right side as well.

I probably sleep more than most people in the United States. I'll bet I average 8 to 8.5 hours of sleep per night. During the middle of this week I was going on about seven hours sleep per night, and although I can have an OBE like that (usually slipping out of the body as soon as I fall asleep, or even before the body falls asleep), I don't think it's the best approach.

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