Moving my body from the dream state is just like body-switching

December 8, 2009

I've been trying some experiments lately, trying to move my physical body while I am in the dream state, and as I was writing a friend to tell them about this, it occurred to me that the feeling I have when doing this is identical to the feeling I've had in several "body switching" experiences.

In those experiences I have "woken up" in someone else's body. The way I would describe it is that my consciousness somehow ended up in their body. In each experience I have been able to move their body, but it's like I'm only loosely connected to their body. I can't really feel their body, and I can't feel or hear any of their thoughts, but I can move their body, and I can hear other people when they talk to this body.

Moving my own body from my own dream state is very similar. I can tell I am moving my body, but it's like I'm doing it slightly disconnected. I can barely feel anything, yet I can force the body to open its eyes or move its limbs. But other than that, I am slightly removed from the experience.

This is hard to describe, because I can't think of an analogy, but the point I wanted to make here is that the two experiences (body switching, and moving my body from the dream state) have felt identical, or nearly identical.

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