Quality time on the holodeck

December 13, 2009

I thought about going to the movies later today, but decided to go to the 'interactive holographic virtual environment' instead ... which is a fancy way of saying I decided to sleep in until after 10am. I've worked for at least 21 straight days, and I was brain-dead last night.

Dreams overnight including all sorts of metal-bending, flying, spending lots of quality time with friends and family members (dead and alive), a recurring dream about a bathroom with a large shower that's somehow related to the grandparents (it has some unusual devices in the walls, which are definitely a recurring theme), and a funny visit from Spock, who had to tell me how precisely cold it was in one area.

As an interesting note, I've never used PK or metal-bending in dreams for anything bad, but at one point I was concerned that I could no longer use a computer because every piece of metal I touched would bend/melt as soon as I touched it.

I almost got up with the sun this morning (probably around 7:30 or 8am), but easily talked myself into staying in bed, especially because we were into the romance portion of the dreams by then, lol. (Not 'sex', just 'romance'.)

I'll take interactive dreams over the movie theater any day.

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