Shuttles launching, and a huge rocket crashing

December 15, 2009

I woke up from a horrific dream about 6:15am today.

Most of my family and I were at the house we grew up in, and when I looked out a modified version of my bedroom window, I saw three Space Shuttles being launched simultaneously. Before I had time to think, another three Shuttles were launched. I didn't take this as a positive event; it seemed more like a need to evacuate the planet, or at least the United States.

Just after those three Shuttles were launched, several of us in the house were trying to figure out what was going on, when an enormous rocket came flying out of the ground. We were yelling that it was something like a Saturn 5, but whatever it was, it was huge, and then it failed, turning over during lunch, and crashing back into the ground.

This created a huge explosion, and I was trying to get my family to go down to the basement for shelter, but nobody would go. I finally shut the window, and we somehow survived the blast.

After the blast was over, my family went back to their normal activities, while I was in shock over what just happened. They wanted me to get in the shower so we could go somewhere, but I could barely think, and woke up as they were pestering me to get ready. Once awake, I was shaken, and shaking, and took a few minutes to calm down.

Events leading up to this dream

I remember a little bit from just before this dream sequence, and things were very normal, or at least normal as far as dreams go. For some reason I was working on a yoga-type headstand, and there was a discussion about a football quarterback, and replacing him. There was also something to do with my phone, that it had gotten wet, or something else, I don't remember.

I do remember that my oldest and youngest sisters were there, along with my wife, my nephew, and my mom. Other relatives were not there.

The house we grew up in

I don't know why so many dreams happen in the house we grew up in. I suppose it's some sort of comfort zone for me. This house is in northern Illinois, certainly nowhere near any Space Shuttle launch pads or areas where a huge missile would be launched from.

Last night

Trying to think of what might have triggered this dream, last night I watched the movie Holiday Inn right before going to bed (the 1942 version, which I had never seen before). I'm pretty sure that didn't do it, lol.

I did go to bed last night feeling the need to make more money to support my family, so perhaps it was stress from feeling that way. If so, it's funny how you can go from a 'normal' dream sequence to such a horrific nightmare, but that may have to do with me gaining consciousness at that point in the dream.

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