Recurring dream of being a policeman; self-hypnosis to remember details

December 19, 2009

While yesterday morning's dreams seemed to be strictly about sex with a married woman, this morning's dream was a much more interesting recurring dream. So interesting, in fact, that after I woke up, I put on a put of coffee, and then laid down and tried some self-hypnosis to recall more dream details.

In this recurring dream, I'm a policeman, either a detective, or trying to become a detective. There are several training scenarios, and in one scenario I'm a student, and while I/we do well, I'm also chastised for not finishing a part of the work I don't think is very important. In a second scenario I'm a teacher, and I could recall telling everyone when the next class was.

The dream ends with a group of police on a bus driving somewhere. I'm seated near the back of the bus, but at some point I walk to the front, and then, as I'm walking back to my seat, I see the faces of all these policemen, and I feel a sense of pride for the work we have all chosen, and I think yes, this is a good, honorable profession.

Through self-hypnosis I was able to bring back many facts, including a small bag of things I brought on the bus, the teaching/training episodes, and several meetings with other people where I'm trying to gather evidence.

But the important thing I want to say about self-hypnosis is that at some point, when you're trying to go really deep, you lose control ... really, the point I'm trying to make is that I'd love to have someone else hypnotize me at times like this, because then I wouldn't need to have the concern of staying awake.

I think I could go much deeper if someone else was driving the conversation, and would be there to keep me awake, someone to say, "Okay, go back a little further, tell me what happened right before that." My guess is that I could recall many more details, because I wouldn't have to keep a split brain, one half trying to recall details, and the other half trying to keep me awake and prod me to go back deeper and deeper.

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