More vibrations and an OBE

January 10, 2010

Last night a friend came over, but by the time she was here I knew a headache was coming on. Rather than take headache medicine, I decided to make lime daiquiris in an attempt to get through the pain. Unfortunately that was a really bad idea, and the headache just kept getting worse, and I was in bed by 10pm. I didn't recover until I woke up in bed pain-free around 3am.

After again having the room temperature in one of those places where it's hard to decide if I wanted to sleep with the covers on or off, I had two more vibration experiences around 4am, with the second one leading to an OBE.

There were several interesting points about the vibrations and OBE to me:

While I appreciate these vibrations and OBE experiences, I am getting bored with these "OBE rides to nowhere", and I need to be more prepared to try my card experiments. Those are much more in tune with my area of interest, which is to be able to determine whether these are "real" or not.

OBE connection to the physical body

I keep meaning to say one more thing about these OBE experiences, something that I take for granted, but something that may not be obvious to others: During these rides, you are completely conscious, and the feeling is that your consciousness is not at all connected to your physical body. You can fly, and in fact, flying seems to be the primary way of getting around, lol.

Now, although it feels like there is absolutely no connection to your physical body, you can do the following things:

But other than those things, the feeling is certainly that your consciousness is not connected to your body.

Really, if it weren't for the success of my OBE card experiments (see One OBE and Three Cards, or search this site for the word "cards" for more) I would say all of this is a terrific illusion created by the brain -- like a lucid dream -- but as long as those experiments continue to defy the odds, I have to believe this is real ... which is why I really need to get back to those experiments, and quit going along for the ride.

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