Three more vibration experiences

January 14, 2010

I just had three more vibration episodes during an afternoon nap. I still did not have an OBE, as I think I've swung the other way in my efforts, and I think I'm trying to force the action too much. However, I did have the very cool "toggling" between different worlds.

The setup

I had a stressful morning, and a nagging headache all day. Around 3pm I finally gave in and decided to rest for a little while. I set up my bean bag, and slept at an inclined angle for the usual 45 minutes or so.

When I woke up I decided not to get up, but I slid down from the bean bag, and rolled onto my right side. I immediately had the first vibration episode.

First vibration episode

In the first vibration episode, I let the vibrations happen, and then after a few moments I tried to get out of body by reaching up, through the top of my head. Nothing happened right away, and as I forced the matter too consciously, a lucid dream began. This is very unusual; I don't recall anything like this happening before.

The dream involved my mother and my middle sister being in a home that was set up similar to my apartment. I was laying on the floor, just as I was in the real world, and my mom and sister were talking. Most of their conversation was about my sister's husband 'L'. They couldn't reach him, and she thought this was weird.

I backed out of that lucid dream, and as I laid in bed, I realized that I could toggle back and forth between the physical world and that particular dream. So I did that a couple of times, and each time I did it, I could hear my mom and sister still talking, which was pretty funny. Just think, even if all of this is nothing but your brain working -- wow, how amazing is it that your brain can create a holodeck like that, and keep them talking while I'm going back and forth between the two places?! I think that's pretty awesome.

Second vibration episode

As I was toggling back and forth, I realized I could easily fall asleep again, and sure enough, as I let myself fall asleep, the vibrations started again. Once again I tried to go out by mentally reaching "up" through the top of my head, and almost instantly I ended up in a huge body of water, like an ocean.

As I lifted my hand to swim, I could see it wasn't a hand, it was more of a webbed hand, and the fingers were much thicker, and green. As I looked at it, it began to change back to a human hand. When I saw this, I said "No, that's okay, leave it as it was", and it went back to being the green, webbed hand.

After that I woke up. Again, this wasn't really an OBE, but more of a lucid dream.

Third vibration episode

I started the third episode just like the second one, toggling back and forth between being awake and the dream with my sister and mom. Then I lost control and ended up in the dream with them.

At this point my niece C was in the room with me, and as I looked at her while laying down, she was making faces, so I started making faces back at her. She smiled, but as I tried to move more, I fell flat to the floor, and she went to get help for me.

At this point I moved into another "layer" of dream. In this new dream, I was again laying on the floor, but this time in the foyer of a large house that I owned. The house was gorgeous, with very large ceilings and bright colors of blue/purple, yellow, and white.

As I laid on the floor other people were talking, and I realized that I had sold this house, possibly because I was going bankrupt, and was being forced to sell it. Still laying there, I heard a woman come in who said she had something from my agent. She didn't see me laying there in the foyer, and she walked up the wide staircase to the upstairs level. I just laid there and watched her.

Next, from behind me, I heard a man come to the front door. I rolled over and looked at him, and he said he was my lover three weeks ago, and asked if he could come in. I said something to the effect of "Dude, I love women, I couldn't have been your lover", but when I looked to the side of the door I saw a painting with this man's face on it, and I decided I better let him in. (In the painting his face was painted purple, with sunglasses on. Both the house and this painting struck me as very artistic.)

As the man was talking, I felt myself being pulled away from him, away from the foyer and down the first floor hallway, farther into the house. Finally I said to him, "I'm sorry, but I think I have to be going", and in a moment I was pulled out of that dream and back into the dream with my mom and sister.

By this time all of my sisters and my mother were in the home, including my oldest sister, and I was face-down on the floor. While my middle sister said she still hadn't heard from L, and was concerned about him, the other family members were talking about embolisms, strokes, and something else about brain injuries and soft bones. As they talked, I noticed a piece had broken off of a chair in the room, and was laying on the floor, but there was nothing I could do except just look at it as I listened to them talk.

Then I interrupted them, thinking I could get up, and said "Watch this", but all I could do was roll over on the floor. Then, as a laid there, I realized that I was being pulled away from them as well, and although I knew it was a dream, I said "I have to go now, but I love you all very much", and then I left that dream and came back to my bedroom here in the physical world.

As you can imagine, that's an extremely sad way to leave a dream, so I just laid in the physical bed a little longer, and tried to think of more pleasant things. I was very well-rested now, and I knew nothing else was going to happen, so I got up.


In all of these dreams I had complete awareness of being awake, but they are still very emotional things, especially being pulled away from my family members as I was.

I don't know why I'm having problems with OBEs at the moment, but it is cool to feel the vibrations again. This is the third vibration episode since the beginning of the year, not counting the near-vibration experience at the end of yoga class two nights ago.

I think it's accurate to say that I feel like I'm too conscious when I'm having these vibration episodes. Normally I'm in a deep state of sleep, where these vibrations come on almost immediately, while I'm still very awake. My guess is that I need to continue relaxing a little more, and then when I feel the consciousness slipping away from the body, try to control it at that point.

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