A nice yoga and meditation rhythm

January 18, 2010

After getting away from meditating in the mornings, I've finally gotten back into the habit/groove lately. It has taken a little while to get comfortable again, but this morning was the first morning where I had the old feeling that I didn't want to stop. Until today I've been thinking more about things like discomfort, pain, and that I should really get to work, but this morning I finally got back to the peace I'm used to.

It's been a terrific start to the new year in this regard. I usually do my yoga practice as the last thing in the evening before going to bed (either by candlelight or Christmas light), and then in the morning I turn on the coffee makers, and then meditate while it's brewing. I've also been taking a short meditation break in the afternoon as well. It's a nice little rhythm that I hope I can maintain.

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