Was I being shown something during an OBE?

January 24, 2010

Another weekend, and another OBE -- wow! I couldn't have asked for a much better start to the new year, especially since I've been preoccupied with work and moving, and haven't even attempted to do any setup work for an OBE.

Last night's OBE was short, but fun and interesting: I came out of the body very easily, turned back to look at the body and saw only my bean bag chair (which wasn't really there in the physical world at this date and time). As my second body was drifting away I thought about my deck of cards, and realized I didn't turn over a card before going to bed. With that, and unable to quickly think of another way to confirm that this experience was "real", I decided to let the body go wherever it wanted. This was the interesting part.

The body was taken through the kitchen and into the laundry room, where it stopped. I felt like I was being shown something, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought to myself something like "What is it? Am I supposed to be seeing something here?" I looked at the area in front of me, but couldn't see anything remarkable about it.

Just after that thought, the body was taken in reverse, backing out of the laundry room, and then taken to the front door, where again it stopped. Again I had the same feeling that I was being shown something, though again I couldn't figure out what it was. As I looked at the door it appeared to be slightly wet, so I touched it, and it indeed felt a little damp, and it was cool to the touch. Other than that, I didn't understand what I was being shown (if I was being shown anything at all).

After my opportunity to touch the door, the body proceeded to move slowly out the front door, and as I still don't like that feeling, I cringed with the sensation, and woke up in bed.


I can't think of any remarkable notes to add here. My wife came over and we had dinner together (tacos), and I had two daiquiris. After she left I didn't do any yoga or meditation. I did sleep in a different area, the previous place where I used to sleep in the living room (mostly because I was tired and lazy).

There was also a lightning storm that hit the area shortly before this OBE. We had a crack of lightning that was extremely close, and all the car alarms in the parking lot were sounding. I got up fast to unplug all the electrical equipment, then laid back in bed, and had this OBE some time shortly after that.

Follow-up (more notes)

One thing I wanted to mention is that when I say the second/astral body is being moved, the closest analogy I can make is that you are sitting in a wheelchair, and someone is pushing you around. It's really that simple, at least until you start moving at high speeds, when it's much more like a ride in some sort of open-air vehicle, like a ride at the carnival.

The second thing I wanted to note is that when I looked back at my sleeping spot, and didn't see my physical body, this sort of thing happens a lot: What you see doesn't correspond with what you know in the physical world. The same thing with the front door: In the physical world (today) it wasn't damp. If all I ever experienced were these sorts of "wrong" correlations to the physical world, I would just think, "Wow, these are really terrific hallucinations."

But, because I have succeeded with the card tests, and other tests, I tend to believe that there must be some other explanation for these things, something I haven't figured out yet. One theory is that as soon as you leave the body, you may or may not be in the same 'time' as the physical world you just left. Another theory is that in this state your mind can make up all sorts of things, just as in a lucid dream; if you can control your mind and just observe everything might be fine, but as soon as you add emotion to it you've interfered with it. And of course another theory is that these are all just really great hallucinations.

I have nothing else to add to those statements ... they're just theories, and today I can't prove any of them.

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