Sucking sounds, levitating, and PK dreams

January 30, 2010

Slept on one of the large pillows on the living-room floor last night -- trying to keep my head propped up so it would hurt less -- then moved to the futon when it seemed like my head might explode anyway. As soon as I hit the futon the "sucking" sounds started, like I was being sucked into the dream state or another dimension, while unable to fall asleep immediately.

I finally fell asleep, and had PK lucid dreams involving several people I used to work with. A male D and another person came into my bedroom, and as I was bothered by them, I levitated off the end of the bed. They pretty much peed their pants, and left.

More pleasant dreams involved several women who came to the house and were having some sort of party. I used the PK abilities to move a gift from one room to my hands, and then I handed it to one of the women. A dog I don't know came up next to me then and just wanted to be petted, so I petted him until he had enough.

There were other PK experiences, and this was also a multi-layer dream night. I thought I was making notes back here in the physical world about these dreams, but it turns out I was just in another layer of the dream world. This layer was real enough that I went through two pens that didn't work until I found a third one that did work. Writing things down in a second layer of a dream like that helps me remember some of the dream details, but it's disappointing when I wake up and realize I don't have any notes here next to me.

I woke up less than eight hours after going to bed last night, feeling very refreshed, but I know that I'll pay for this with a nap later.


I think it's important to reiterate that, in my mind, there are several levels of lucid dreams. There is one level, as described here, where everything is such a perfect hologram, and you're not quite conscious enough, that you get fooled. For instance, the first two pens I picked up were the clear plastic Bic pens, where you can see the ink inside them, and when they wouldn't write, I looked at them and saw the ink levels were very low. I then made sure the third pen I picked up had plenty of ink before trying to use it. All of this was so real, and my level of consciousness was not perfectly clear, so I was fooled.

Another level of a lucid dream is where you clearly know that you're dreaming, and you just have a great time with the dream experience. You make things appear and disappear, make things move, levitate, whatever. The only exception I can think of here is that these days I can levitate, but I can't fly. I don't know why, as I used to fly a lot, but it all seems to go back to a dream in 2008 where I was scorned by a voice from above, "We told you not to do that any more." I have flown a few times since then, but just a few, and I can't just take off in a lucid dream.

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