More sucking sounds and lucid dreams

February 1, 2010

Not much time to write today, but I wanted to note another experience of the "sucking" sounds as I was falling asleep last night, and another very realistic lucid dream.

After the long afternoon nap, I had problems falling asleep last night, and after about an hour of waiting to fall asleep and trying some meditation, the sucking sounds started while I laid propped up against the bean bag chair, and I knew I'd be asleep soon.

This was followed by a long, lucid dream in an apartment. The dream featured PK activities, my body being dragged around by an unseen force, me kicking my roommate out of the apartment in the middle of the night, and my dad coming "home" at one point.

Okay, okay, I should note that what I call a "sucking sound" is like a short "pfffftt" sound, moving from the external senses inward, but other than that, I don't have a great description of it, and just writing this reminds me of going to the auto mechanic and trying to explain a car noise, lol.

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