The Tao, and riding the waves

February 2, 2010

The thing I've really gotten during the meditation and lucid dreaming process the last few nights is how much life on Earth really is like the Tao. I clearly remember feeling last night that Lao-Tse really knew his stuff. (Like he needed any validation from me, lol.)

I think Alan Watts said something like this in The Book, but to be human really is to be a wave in the ocean; you're born here -- born from Earth material, just like the ocean waves -- and you existence is also the existence of a wave. The wave is blown by sea currents and wind, and your wave-life is blown by karma.

Unlike the wave, you can choose to fight the currents, or so it seems, but is that fighting even a choice? Or is it really just the karma you can't see, egging you on, making you believe the choice was somehow yours?

The last few nights have truly been wonderful experiences, riding the waves of life I can feel. I'm sure there are many more I can't feel, but even riding the simple currents I know is really a remarkable, energizing, and uplifting experience. If you catch a good wave -- wow -- what a great ride it can be!

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