A schizophrenia-like area of sleepland

February 5, 2010

Not feeling well (ongoing headache), I went to bed before 8pm last night. Somewhere during the night, before 2am, I was in a strange area of sleep consciousness where I'm wide awake, and I know I'm asleep and laying in my apartment, but there are other very real 'people' around that really aren't there. Call them hallucinations or schizophrenia-like experiences, but they are as real as this computer.

Last night's people included a father and son having a mild argument in the hallway about the son dating and nocturnal habits. The only problem is that there is no 'son' to be found in this building, at least not at the present moment.

Immediately after that someone -- I presume a man -- came into my apartment, closed the door, walked down the hallway, and set something down on the counter. At that point I'd had all I could take, and woke myself up. I remember thinking you'd have to have balls of steel to lay there during an episode like that, and last night, I certainly didn't have those. I kept thinking, "This isn't real", "Nobody is really in the room at the present time", but I still couldn't take it. One day I will try to ride something like this out, but unfortunately last night wasn't that night.


As an amusing follow-up, I left this morning at 7am for an appointment at the Toyota dealer, and when I came back around noon, I found that someone had been in my apartment. Not someone bad, but instead a man came to see if he could repair the kitchen floor. I have no idea whether this visit was related to what I felt while 'sleeping' last night, but it is at least an amusing coincidence.

For the record, I had no way of knowing that he might come, as the last discussion I had with them was that they would work on the floor after I moved out at the end of the month. I thought that was a done deal, so today's visit was a complete surprise.

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