Dream of not catching a football on Super Bowl morning

February 8, 2010

I'm writing this the day after the Super Bowl, but on the morning of the Super Bowl, I dreamed that I was talking to Peyton Manning, and then a football was coming to me from my left, and I was on the ground, like being on my knees, and I had to catch this ball. The ball hit me in the hands and chest, but I couldn't grab it, and it bounced off to my right.

As I dove to my right for the ball in my dream, I woke up, and dove off my futon, and into a large box next to the futon. Other than fumbling the football, I thought this was pretty funny.

Thinking of the Super Bowl game, this of course reminded me of the Saints onside kick, where Hank Baskett did essentially what I just described. I'm not saying my dream had anything to do with Hank Baskett's non-recovery of the onside kick (technically not a fumble, since he never had possession), but that's the sort of similarity you run into a lot.

The times I've had "coincidence" dreams like this, they've been so vague as to be useless. I see a shining plane coming out of the clouds in a dream and then see the same plane the next day, or I see the land in the house where I grew up turn black while the same morning there's an oil spill 100 miles from here; even if these coincidences are related, they're so vague as to be useless.

(What would be really helpful would be some very specification information, like the price of various stocks over the next few years.)

Oops, I started to leave, but I want to note that I wouldn't even mention this here except that a friend can vouch for my story. I always hate it when people write about things like this after the fact, but this time I have a witness.

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