He died peacefully in his sleep

February 10, 2010

Holy crap, whoever said the phrase "He died peacefully in his sleep" didn't have a night like this one. It's just after midnight, and I woke up after battling some kind of psychic or spiritual tornado, or simply a really bad dream. The wind was incredible, and the front door of the apartment was being blown open, and was finally blown open (or possibly ripped open), and while I held on to a corner of the wall, a large black bug moved rapidly towards me.

While I knew I was dreaming, I felt the need to let go with one hand and fight off the bug, and I woke up. ATM I'm still shaking, and feel like vomiting.

When I woke up, I was in the exact same physical position I was in when I went to sleep, so I think we should never say "He died peacefully in his sleep", because really, we have no clue what someone is going through.

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