A long night of violent dreams

February 10, 2010

Besides my tornado-like weather dream last night, everything else was also violent in one form or another. First, a recurring dream of two men I interpreted to be spies meeting at a white, round table. They exchanged pleasantries, but they would soon try to kill each other.

Next, I'm walking through a grocery store, and find a person face-down on the floor. I scream for help, and then find others face-down as well, presumably dead, or very sick. I've been taught to only trust the first thing I see, which was a person (a woman, I think) face-down in the store, and not trust anything else, which may be tainted by my own emotions, so whether that was truly intended to be violent is a matter of interpretation; she may have just passed out.

Finally, much more violence all morning long. Although I'm a little tired, this was a very easy morning to get out of bed.

Wow, I hope it was all just related to that pepperoni pizza I had for dinner, or possibly the headache that came on very fast yesterday afternoon, my first headache in three days.

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