Dream follows real-world event by 30 hours

February 21, 2010

Last night I had another incident where a dream followed something back here in the physical world by the 24-48 hour time window I've mentioned here before. (Actually, earlier I wrote that dreams follow physical world events by 36-48 hours.) Thursday night, probably around 9pm, I watched an episode of Fringe that involved both small and large worms, and then last night (Friday night to Saturday morning) I had a dream involving worms.

I don't remember the details of the dream, I just remember thinking to myself that I needed to remember that this dream came two nights after that Fringe episode. The dream probably happened around 4am, so my best guess is that was 30 hours after that episode ended.

I should also note that a reason I don't remember this dream is because I'm trying not to remember my dreams at the moment. As I'm still recovering from my head injury, I'm trying not to do too much at night. I go with the dreams, but I make no effort to record them. For instance, last night I also had two or three recurring dreams, and I usually wake myself up to note those, but last night I just thought, "Oh, this is a recurring dream", and then let it go on.

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