Dream of a huge explosion

April 16, 2010

I just woke up from a massive explosion in a dream, and was very glad to find my left arm still attached to my body, because in the dream I'm not sure it was still there.

The whole morning was filled with various dreams of seeming crime and mischief. In this last dream, I was sitting in a courtyard area in a public place, and the chair I was sitting in had it's back to a short wrought-iron fence, just tall enough to be as high as the backs of the chairs. I set something down in the chair to the right of me, and as I was relaxing, a pretty woman (Kim Basinger) placed her coat on my chair from over the fence, and then continued walking (from right to left behind me).

Knowing from previous dreams that something was up, I picked up her coat and my item which was now hidden under her coat. I then turned around and saw the pretty woman, and a man who was with her (he looked like David Anders, from Heroes) who was planning to pick up her coat -- along with my item. Just as this man was saying something like "Don't mess with me" and motioning for the coat back, there was this enormous explosion behind me and to the left. With the explosion, I thought at the least my left arm was damaged, and was possibly ripped off or blown to pieces. With this concern, I woke up, and was glad to find there was no explosion in the apartment. Thirty minutes later now, and my left arm still feels weird as I type this.

Other dreams

Other dreams as I can remember them:

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