A rocket booster, Coach K, snakes, and a helpful friend

May 6, 2010

Wow, wow, wow ... I just saw a picture of a rocket booster on a website, and I instantly recalled that I had a dream where I watched an enormous rocket booster lift something into space 2-3 nights ago. I had absolutely no recognition of that dream image until I saw that picture, and then it was like "Wham! Do you remember that dream?!"

Snake dreams and flying

That being said, my actual reason for starting to write here today was because of dreams early this morning. I don't think I fell asleep until after one o'clock this morning, and this dream happened around 8am. I was dealing with an old co-worker, when a friend of mine joined me, and actually came in and sat on this person to help hold him down.

While that happened, I decided I had another battle to fight, so I took off, and began flying, leaping from the top of a large flight of concrete stairs. The first image I saw was a skinny version of Duke Coach Mike K walking up the stairs. I have no idea where that came from, as I'm not a huge Duke fan or anything like that, and this isn't college basketball season.

Immediately after this I began fighting snakes of different sorts. I kept flying over and around different ones, then flew across a small body of water, where there were even snakes in the water. When I landed there was a huge snake with teeth -- probably five times the size of a human being -- and when it started to attack me I was able to fire some type of laser/energy weapon from my right arm. The first blast didn't do much damage, so I thought "I need a lot more energy here", and sent out a huge second blast that either killed the thing, or damaged it enough that it wasn't a concern any more.

The person who helped

The person who helped me is probably the most interesting part of the dream. I have no idea why she came into this dream, but the interesting part was (a) she helped, and (b) I received an unexpected email from her this morning, which I found when I woke up and checked my mail.


Last night I stayed up late creating several need videos, including these two:


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