Dream of owning a small restaurant

May 11, 2010

This morning I followed the same "wake up early, and go back to sleep" plan that I've been on for the last few days. This morning I had a dream (which turned out to be a continuation of one or more previous dreams) where I own a small restaurant.

I want to say that it's a little hot dog restaurant like you'd find in the Chicago area. It's also possibly located in a mall, though all I really know is that you have to step down to get into the restaurant. It could also be that you're coming off a city street, and coming down into the restaurant, like it's in the basement of a building.

When I took over the duties while dreaming this morning the place was a mess, so I set about to start cleaning it, and also started making some coffee. A few people started coming in, and everyone seemed very nice, like we were friends. Some helped themselves, and at some point someone else started helping me with the crowd. A couple of people were drinking liquor at the front counter, but it wasn't anything strong, something like Irish creme. (I should say that I assume it was liquor.)

It was actually a lot of fun, having a small place like that you could take pride in owning. I hated to wake up, but at 9am local time I did wake up, finally wide awake.

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