Lucid dreams start, and Peggy Lee's Fever

June 2, 2010

The lucid dreams finally started up again last night, so hopefully the OBEs will start again soon as well.

Last night's lucid dream started with me being in my older house in Louisville, and I see a guy walking up to the house who strikes me as a Zen Master or Yogi. At this point I'm dreaming, but when I let him in, I tell him, "Listen, this a dream, but if you'd like to come in, you're welcome to come in." We go on to talk for a while, and the scenery changes a lot with all sorts of vivid religious imagery, and as we talk I keep slipping back and forth between being conscious that this is a dream, and also losing my awareness and falling back to just plain dreaming.

Until the OBEs start again, here's a link to a fun, old YouTube video of Peggy Lee singing the song "Fever". I like the song on its own, and originally found a great Elvis version, but this one is really fun because the drummer is a great entertainer.

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