The Reincarnationist, dreams of the future, and a killer

June 19, 2010

As I've been reading a book lately named The Reincarnationist, I was reminded of the many similar dreams and episodes I've had of past lives. I wrote recently about an alternate universe, and I've also had many dreams from different eras, including ancient Greece.

But lately my dreams have been about something else -- a cataclysmic future, where I'm in a city that seems like it's here on Earth, but the land around me is being destroyed by something like a large laser beam weapon coming from the sky. The beam of light is very wide, with shades of white and blue, and from what I can tell it is destroying everything on the land it hits ... and then I wake up in a bit of a panic, trying to run from it. This is on top of other dreams about flying objects in the sky.

It seems weird to read this book about past lives, and dream of a future like this.

My dreams of serial killers, or perhaps just killers, also continues. I'm in a bathroom, and a man with brown hair, and only black holes where his eyes should be, seems to apologize right before attacking me, and again I wake up. I have no idea what's prompting these dreams of serial killers, but they're welcome to stop.

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