Notes from another world (lucid dream?)

June 25, 2010

Unable to "wake up" today after a long night of work, I finally decided to take an afternoon nap. After a short nap I felt a little better, but decided to see if I could lay down again and see if I could stay on the borderline of sleep and wakefulness.

Well, that didn't work, but I did get "wake up" within the dream "somewhere else". As usual, I wake up within the dream, and there are things going on around me, and I have to figure out what's going on.

I had a chance to look through a window while in this state, and saw a marvelous electronic device. I assumed it was a radio of some sort, but it was so complex I have to think it was something else.

Then someone, a sister, I think, pulled me away and we were looking through a book trying to find something out about coffee. We were also trying to figure out how to pronounce words with "uu" in them. She was rifling through a book I thought might be a phone book, but I couldn't read it.

As I thought it might be a phone book, I picked it up when she was finished, and tried to look at the cover. At this point several things happened. First, as often happens, there is something in my mouth (or what I perceive to be my mouth), and I start trying to dig it out. It's like my mouth is full of wax, and I'm carving it out with the fingers of my hand, trying to get it out of my mouth.

I'm now standing in a bathroom that is being remodeled, and I can get some of the wax out, and I see it fall to the ground, and it's a light (but bright) green color. I do this a couple of times, but another woman is now upset at me. I'm still trying to focus on the phonebook, but when this woman says I'm mean or insensitive about this "coffee" thing while knowing she's pregnant and having some sort of problem, I wake up.

As the woman was talking, I was able to see part of the cover of the book. The cover itself was mostly a bright white, with another light shade of green on it. It seemed like colors you'd expect to see in a resort on a beach, but the cover said "Seattle". There were numbers on the cover, but I couldn't make them out for sure, maybe a 404, and another 9-something, like 909 or 939.

Actually, I didn't completely wake up, I just left that environment. At this point I'm hanging around in the hypnogogic state, part there, part here, but unable to move my body without a great deal of effort. I try to wake up here several times, but it's too hard, and I quit trying, until at one point I'm finally able to wake up.

I'm not sure what to make of adventures like this one. Are they real? What is real?

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